everything changed for me when my website started working for me.

ok dani, how??

But August of 2023, everything changed.

I’m Dani, an adventurous elopement photographer

I started my photography business back in 2017, and shot big weddings for a while. In 2020 (before the pandemic, believe it or not), I switched to shooting elopements. And I've never looked back! I also began educating other photographers and mentoring students to be as successful as I knew they could be - because I was doing it in my own business!

- Burnt out

- depressed and a bit like a failure

- like i wasn't good enough (comparison on social media, am I right?)

- negative and wanting to quit everything.

That's when I discovered the power of SEO.

- I didn’t feel pressure to post to social media because I didn’t need to!

- I felt mentally better, confident in my business and skills

- I wasn't worrying about my next paycheck

- I could sleep peacefully knowing i'd wake up with inquiries in the morning (no joke)

I was feeling:

With my website working for me:

I could sleep peacefully knowing I'd wake up with new inquiries in my inbox the next morning.

when my website started working for me,

I took a break from teaching:

full disclosure:

After having my two boys back to back, I was feeling stretched thin trying to keep up with running photography workshops, online education, my own photography business, and more. That's when I decided to take a step back.

And I'm so glad I did! Because it's lead me to this moment -- ready to teach you about the one thing that has truly shifted my business from social media being my 100% focus, to now not having to worry about my marketing strategy.

teach me more!

I've never been more focused to teach on a topic in my life than right now. 

because I know it works.

I brought receipts.

don't worry

One year after creating targeted pages, I was showing up on page one.

these pages were targeted for what I wanted to book more of, and it turned into actual inquiries...

which then turned into bookings...

which made me stop posting to instagram.

Happy girl :)

ok, i'm in!

That's why I created:

A community for photographers to get FREE SEO education, tips, and have discussions about what's working for them on their sites, and how to improve their own sites.

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