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My best seo advice?

don't wait to get started on your seo strategy.

Putting your eggs in one basket (ahem, Instagram) is a dangerous game to play.

Take it from me when I was hacked.

I could sleep peacefully knowing I'd wake up with new inquiries in my inbox the next morning.

when my website started working for me,

i can get you on page one

course videos & guides

SEO Basics Rundown
(1hr & 5 mins)

Strategies to Increase Your Domain Score
(25 mins)

Website User Friendliness 101
(26 mins)

How to Use Keyword Planner & Analyze the Competition
(22 mins)

How to Use Google Analytics
(41 mins)

BONUS: Build a Strategic Webpage with Me!
(41 mins)

6 Videos - 4 Hour Course

If you want extra help with your SEO, these are the videos you're going to want to get in on! They are super comprehensive, practical, and easy to understand as you further your SEO journey. It will take you about 4 hours to complete, but when you do, I promise you will have actionable tips to take with you into your SEO strategy!

gimme gimme!

Google analytics for beginners

Brand messaging worksheet

seo crash course guide

Website Pages checklist

The user friendly website manual

Website self-critique checklist

6 pdf guides- ($300+ in value)

These are guides I've had in my repertoire for about 5 years, and they are still SO good!!! Each one I've poured so much info into, as well as worksheets to help you further as you build out your SEO journey!

don't wait to get started building your seo.

And this course is a good place to start!

ok give me the course!