6-month mentorship program

(applications open again april 2025)

What if I told you it’s possible to get inquiries while you sleep – literally.

teach me more!

Spolier alert: It doesn't have to be through instagram anymore.

There is SO much missed potential in our community because photographers aren't focusing on their SEO strategies within their website. And that's honestly the game-changer for SO many businesses!

 Imagine a world where you don’t have to rely on Instagram anymore.

Imagine waking up with your DREAM clients in your inbox, all because you showed up on Page one of Google.

The secret?

Having an effective SEO Strategy!

teach me how!

raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by social media.

It’s time to start changing the game with our marketing strategies, and actually taking the time to make our websites work for us.

Having good SEO gets the dream clients.

That’s why I’ve decided to sit down and teach YOU everything you need to know.
From SPECIFIC SEO strategies that work, to how to get them on a call and sign a contract. 

i want dream clients!

ok dani, how??

But August of 2023, everything changed.

I’m Dani, an adventurous elopement photographer

I started my photography business back in 2017, and shot big weddings for a while. In 2020 (before the pandemic, believe it or not), I switched to shooting elopements. And I've never looked back! I also began educating other photographers and mentoring students to be as successful as I knew they could be - because I was doing it in my own business!

- Burnt out

- depressed and a bit like a failure

- like i wasn't good enough (comparison on social media, am I right?)

- negative and wanting to quit everything.

That's when I discovered the power of SEO.

- I didn’t feel pressure to post to social media because I didn’t need to!

- I felt mentally better, confident in my business and skills

- I wasn't worrying about my next paycheck

- I could sleep peacefully knowing i'd wake up with inquiries in the morning (no joke)

I was feeling:

With my website working for me:


I booked three $8.5k elopements within ONE MONTH of getting on page one of Google.

(I actually had to raise my prices MORE because I was booked out!)

I brought receipts.

don't worry,

One year after creating targeted pages, I was showing up on page one.

these pages were targeted for what I wanted to book more of, and it turned into actual inquiries...

which then turned into bookings...

which made me stop posting to instagram.

Happy girl :)

ok, i'm in!

That's why I created:

a 6 month seo
mentorship program

OR, I could TEACH you everything you need to know, 

Yeah, you could pay $9k for someone to do your SEO for you...

...and you can continue to get your website on PAGE ONE for years to come!

teach me more!

give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. ;)

And I'll teach you how to do it EVERY TIME, so you know how to update your website and utilize every new page you create in the future for your targeted SEO strategy!

i promise To get you on page one.

And if we don't get you on page one within a year of our mentorship, I'll work with you until we DO! You just have to promise to commit to me and this process in return! :)

ok dani, i'm in!

(I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it!)

What's Included:

Here's what's included in our 6-month mentorship:

6 one-on-one two hour calls

6 group calls with the CLASS of 5 students 

- SEO Basics Rundown (watch before call #1)

- How to Read Google Analytics (watch before call #1-2)

- Strategies to Increase your Domain Score (self-paced)

- How to Use Keyword Planner & Analyze your Competition (watch before call #2)

- User Friendliness Website 101 (watch before call #1-2)


- *Wanna buy just the videos instead? Head here.

ok dani, i'm in!

at least one page we create together on page one of google!

In order for this to work, you have to PROMISE me your commitment to this process. And if it doesn't happen within a year, I'll work with you until it does!

How this works:

Next steps and how we'll do this

1. Apply to see if we're a good fit

let's do this.

2. Onboard & create your SEO plan 

3. Overhaul your SEO for the next 6 months

4. Start getting DREAM clients for years to come!

In full disclosure, there are some pre-requisites required to make sure we have the greatest success together.

why do i need to apply?

Though I can TOTALLY help you with your copywriting, I'm not a brand specialist, and I can't completely redesign your site for you. So I recommend having a site you already love design wise, and we can take it from there!

That means: not weddings AND elopements, but just elopements. Not newborns AND weddings, but just newborns. If you're unsure about this, comment below with questions!

I'm going to pour SO much into our time together, and I really want you to make it on page one! But in order for that to work, YOU need to work just as hard with me to make it happen. I'll guide you through the process and even help you write out your website on our calls, but you've got to show up and complete the homework I give you every month as well!

i'm ready to apply!

You MUST already have a website design you love (i'm not a designer)

If all of these things apply to you, then this program is for you!

You should know what niche you're in, and be ready to sell it.

You need to be ready to commit to me as I'm going to commit to you.

I'll help you with copywriting!

It's one thing to get them to your webpage,
it's another to get them to inquire.

I’ll teach you how to create trust, credibility, and make you the EXPERT that will have your clients DYING to book you for higher prices.

omg yes!

Sample of copywriting formula I did for THIS website!

I'm taking on 5 students total, so i can fully focus on each one with all my energy.

You'll be able to join in with your other classmates for our group discussions and lectures every month, and work with me PERSONALLY for 6 months!

Will you be one of the lucky 5?

count me in!

Here's what it costs to get on page one:

Pay as you go, or pay in full!

$4,500 in full

I like to think of it as the price of one wedding to get TARGETED inquiries flooding your inbox without Instagramming everyday!

And, if you don't get on page one by within one year of our mentorship, i'll work with you until we do!

count me in!

applications open april 2025!

All applicants have been chosen for the 2024 year.

Even if you don't get accepted, you can still get the videos! Here's what's included:

- SEO Basics Rundown (watch before call #1)

- How to Read Google Analytics (watch before call #1-2)

- Strategies to Increase your Domain Score (self-paced)

- How to Use Keyword Planner & Analyze your Competition (watch before call #2)

- User Friendliness Website 101 (watch before call #1-2)

Purchase for $150! 

i wanna buy!

Want just the videos?




This program is 6 months long, with a one-on-one call every month, as well as a class call once a month.



During the class calls with your fellow students, I'll be giving lectures and answering specific questions anyone might have with their website. It's also a great time to get feedback on your own website and work together as a team!

how much work do i need to put in?


At the end of every call, I'll give you a bit of homework to complete before our next call. In order for the best success, the homework should try and get done every month before we meet again so we can stay on track! Example of homework: Start brainstorming your copy for your page one webpage.

is there a payment plan available?


Yes! If you don't want to pay the $4,500 in full, you can opt to pay for a payment plan. However, take note it is a bit more expensive to do so because of transaction fees. If you have more questions about this, please email me dani@danipurington.com

how can you guarantee I'll be on page one?


It's a big promise, I know! But I wouldn't say it if I didn't think it was possible. We'll work together to create TARGETED pages that will get you on page one for what you want to be found for, and is doable. This is all a part of the process we will go through. And if it doesn't happen within a year after our mentorship ends (since it can take Google a bit to crawl and start showing your pages), then I promise to work with you until it does!

when does this program start?


I'm planning to start this program middle of May, having it end just before the holidays in November!

okay, i'm ready!