Natural Presets Pack
by DAni Purington — $85

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Designed and created to be a base for your own artistry! Use these presets to create your OWN personal preset! 

These are by no means a one click preset. They are meant to be tweaked, customized, and changed to fit your own personal style. The base of these presets will set you up for a nice timeless edit, leaving all the colors we want to keep for our story telling and giving you an edit that doesn't feel too "over edited".

You must have the most updated version of Lightroom to operate the best. 

Your photos may not look like my examples. This is because every lighting situation, camera setting, and shoot scenario is different.

In order for them to look the best, I recommend making sure you start with tweaking the White Balance, and then editing from there.

My RAWs are shot with a Kelvin White Balance of 6300 on my Canon 5D Mk iii. :)

- 1 Color Preset
- 1 B&W Preset
- One 18 page PDF on how to use the presets!

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Natural preset pack includes:

here are some tips:

Important to know: