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how to Create a blog for your photography business in 5 minutes

As scary as AI (artificial intelligence) can be, it rocks when you're creating content.

Yes, AI can be scary. BUT! If utilized correctly, it can help you work more efficiently at creating blogs and providing necessary upkeep with your SEO strategy for your website.

It not only saves you time, but it also eliminates the excuse that you simply "don't have time" to create blogs anymore. So say good-bye to putting off creating blogs for your business, and hello to better SEO!

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Before good SEO, I was:

Quick Intro: I’m Dani!

I've been shooting all across the globe for the past 7 years -- from Yosemite, to Hawaii, to Utah, to FRANCE, to Norway, and even Iceland. I'm excited to be teaching about a topic I'm so passionate about -- because it's changed my business inside out!

- Posting to instagram everyday

- Struggling with mental health to keep up

- Wearing all the hats in my business


After good SEO:

- I didn’t feel pressure to post to social media because I didn’t need to!

- I felt mentally better, confident in my business and skills

- I wasn't worrying about my next paycheck

Adventurous Elopement Photographer

what we will cover:

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Pic-Time AI Tutorial

Post to Blog

Add SEO Flair

Pic-time ai tutorial

create a gallery blog in literally 5 minutes.
There's no excuse not to make them anymore.

- Easy print campaigns to make extra cash

- slideshow creation is easy when delivering a gallery

- their new ai blog feature is a game changer

Okay, if you don't have Pic-Time as your photo delivery system, let me first tell you why you should. Here are some reasons I absolutely LOVE to use Pic-Time:

I could go on about each of these topics, but the main one I'm going to touch on is the Pic-Time AI Blog. It has never been more easy to turn your galleries into blogs on your website. Especially if you pair it with a ShowIt site, which has Wordpress as it's blog platform, it will make blog creation so much easier for you!

Let's dive into how to get started.

1. First, select a gallery you'd like to make a blog.

2. Then, select the "Blog" icon in the Photos Tab

3. Give your blog a Title, and select the style of Blog that best matches your site.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use keywords in your Title!!!

4. Write a short description of the session (what you did, where you had their ceremony, what time of day, etc.)

5. Then, type in keywords you want to use in the blog (i.e. "elopement" "yosemite" "cathedral beach elopement")

6. Press "Next" and it will generate blog text for you in a few seconds!

*You can also go through and edit the text here, fine tuning it to be exactly what you want!

7. Add your photos you'd like in the blog (I select my "Teaser" gallery because it has the highlights of the day)

8. On this page, you'll see your Title, Text, and Hero image. You can also rearrange the way you'd like your photos displayed in each block!

9. Click "SEO & Share" and fill in your SEO information. 

10. Fill in your SEO description (i.e. This Yosemite elopement started at Artist Point at sunrise and had a ceremony at Cathedral Beach, etc.)

11. Select your 5-10 most relevant images that you want to put ALT text with your keywords to (i.e. Yosemite cathedral beach elopement)

12. Next, click "Apply", then select "Integrate" for your website. Copy that code!

post to blog

i personally use wordpress as it's integrated with Showit, but this can also work with any other site that allows you to have an "embed" block!

When you have Wordpress set up, the formatting is already done (woot woot!), so all you need to do to input the blog you created in Pic-Time is easy peasy! 

IF you haven't yet formatted your Wordpress pages either within your ShowIt site, or in Wordpress itself, do so first before moving on to creating your first blog. And if you ever need help with how to do this, just consult ShowIt's tutorial online on how to do it!

If you DON'T have ShowIt or Wordpress, that's okay! As long as your website allows you to insert an "embed" block on your website, you'll be able to upload your blog in seconds!

Follow my tutorial below for what it looks like to do this in Wordpress (although, it will be also very similar on other platforms as well!):

How to post to your blog:

1. Copy the code from the "Integrate" tab, and pull up your blog.

2. Create a new post with the same Title you gave the blog in Pic-Time.

3. In Wordpress, add a new block with "Custom HTML". Paste the code.

4. Head to the Preview section to confirm the code is showing up correctly on your blog.

5. Make sure to fill out all your settings to get your blog up like your Featured Image, and include an excerpt.

6. This is also the time to check and use your Yoast SEO Wordpress Plugin to see where you can improve your SEO.

7. To add outbound links (highly recommend), you will complete that in Pic-Time.

8. When everything is done and your SEO looks good, PUBLISH and share to your social media channels!

Yay you did it!

Adding seo flair

be sure to spice up your blogs with these things for better authority:

1. Make sure to utilize backlinks! When explaining locations, link to National Parks and where exactly people can find that place.

2. Be sure to use keywords in your paragraph text, Titles, and Headings!

3. Make sure your meta description is filled out and is filled with keywords and phrases you want to be found for.

4. Make sure to use ALT text on your images, so they show up on Google!

And if you haven't yet considered making an educational blog post that is targeted even MORE towards keywords and phrases you want to be found for, consider looking into that as well!

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